Craig Wiggins and his award winning team can train your staff to transform your agency.

Craig Wiggins Coaching and Consulting offers several different options including an On-Demand Virtual Training Platform, an interactive Coaching program, a direct access Mentoring program and even the opportunity to spend an entire day with Craig and his team working on specific challenges and issues in your business.

Sherry Harris

Sherry Harris

Agency Owner, Georgia

If anyone would have told me that in just 2 days my staff would be working on closing up almost 30 items, I would have said "impossible." Every new Agent needs to implement this training from day one. Can't wait to see what happens the rest of this month. I'm so darn excited I could hardly sleep last night. We're coming in early to look at videos before getting on the phones. My staff is fired up!!! You guys are amazing, this was our missing link. It's all about the right training. Your system has been an answer to prayers. This will help so many. 

Jeremy Radabaugh

Jeremy Radabaugh

Agency Owner, West Virginia

Today, my new sales agent (been with me 3 days) told me that he emailed Craig Wiggins and Joseph Puckett over the weekend just to thank them for the new coaching platform, and how much it has helped him in getting started. Today, he bound 12 new business items and over $6,000 in premium, on his 4th day in the industry. I should be the one thanking Craig and Joseph. So, thank you guys. We're currently pacing for 190 items in zoom. 99 is my agency's previous biggest month. We're gonna pass that before the 15th!

Peer to peer training has been proven to be the best way for you and your staff to learn.

Mallory Leonard

Mallory Leonard

Agency Owner, California

Right in my business plan it said “we do not sell one-size-fits all insurance.” It was something I lived and breathed by! But, when I looked at my book of business and what I had written and taught over the past 10 years, I found that that was not the case. In fact, my agency had been selling lots of 100/300/100! I remember reviewing a household where the customer obviously had pretty significant amount of wealth and they had 100/300/100. It was in that moment I realized we needed to be doing something else. Something to take us to the next level. Along comes Craig Wiggins and his structure of leading with liability. This has revolutionized the way my agency functions. We’re doing what’s RIGHT for the customer. We’re winning more business and we’re having more fun doing it! It’s much more fun to have a net worth evaluation with a customer and review their needs than it is to have a transactional conversation. I’m so happy that we found Craig and Joseph!

Rich Howes

Rich Howes

Agency Owner, Florida

I met Craig and Joseph about 2 months ago through social media and another agent who was talking so positively about them. I joined a social media group started by Craig and was immediately impressed with the content shared in the group and the overall positive attitude these gentlemen bring to the table. That led me to wanting my staff to get involved with Craig Wiggins Coaching to try and improve. Our entire team devoured the messages and training for a week and started implementing change immediately. Not even 3 weeks into training we started producing at levels we hadn't produced in 5 years. The first full month after starting with Craig and Joseph was our highest production since 2012. What's great about all of this is we are doing what's right for the customer, which is any good agent's goal. The renewed energy in my agency is having immediate impact on all of us. I look forward to learning and growing with CWC for many years to come. 

Craig teaches most of the Agency Owner Content and Craig's team teaches most of the content developed for your staff. This content is not simple theory or just ideas, this information is the exact same content used to train Craig's staff, many of which exceed 100 items per month on a consistent basis.

The systems and processes taught by Craig and his team will give you and your team the skills and confidence necessary to succeed regardless of your competitive position.

Get involved today to transform your agency!

CWC Awards

Craig's Award Winning Team

  • Ranked in Top 10 Nationwide
  • Regional Agency Achievement Award 2 Years
  • Inner Circle Elite 14 Years
  • Circle of Champions 16 Years
  • National Conference 19 Years
  • Honor Ring 20 Years
  • Leader’s Forum 16 Years
Rich Siegmund

Rich Siegmund

Agency Manager, Texas

First impressions of the CWC Virtual Training platform...

The platform is SO MUCH easier to use than other systems. You can just click, watch videos, and start learning. The videos are 3-5 minutes long so I can finally ask my team to watch one or two each day to keep the learning train running.  The content is super focused. Other platforms have 100+ hours of video but there was no way to extract the essential parts. Craig and Joseph, don't get big heads about this, I'm still going to be a demanding consumer 😉 ... but you guys rocked this new platform!

Michael Daniels

Michael Daniels

Agency Owner, TX

I've spent thousands of dollars over the years on different coaching programs and I can tell you that no one has had a greater impact on my leadership, my business or my staff than Craig and Joseph. They have helped me elevate my agency, and have taught me countless lessons on how to better run my business. I wouldn't be where I am today with them. THANK YOU! Craig has gone above and beyond to call me in a time of need to discuss a problem in my agency.  I know he didn't have to do that for me, but it shows that he has a passion for helping others he is truly willing to help every Agent succeed.  

Customized Coaching For You And Your Team

Craig's team will help you in the topics that will benefit YOUR business. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Developing a Winning Mindset
  • Recruiting Staff
  • Interviewing Staff
  • Hiring Staff
  • Onboarding Staff
  • Setting Expectations
  • Manager Development
  • Accountability
  • Goal Setting
  • Compensation Plans
  • Building Centers of Influence
  • Generating Referrals
  • Lead Management System
  • Coaching Staff
  • Cross Selling Strategies
  • Maximize IPS Opportunity
  • How to Structure Your Day
  • Managing Expenses
  • Setting Payroll
  • Reading Reports
Kevin McDonald

Kevin McDonald

Agency Owner, Florida

I've known Craig for nearly 20 years, and I've grown to respect him as one of the best agency owners in the country.  Craig has worked extremely hard to refine and improve the processes in his agency, and his team consistently produces  amazing results that afford him well deserved recognition they receive.  But in my mind, the most amazing thing about Craig, is his willingness to share the processes that have made him so incredibly successful.  And he's always been that way. Most successful agency owners keep their cards real close to their chest.  Hoping to keep their systems or secrets to themselves, so as to maintain their competitive advantage.  Craig openly shares what has made him successful, and has influenced agency owners across the country with them.  He is also very open to share with you that running a successful agency is hard, but exceptionally gratifying work. I've been an Allstate agency owner for over 28 years, and I have seen a few good coaching systems in my time.  In my opinion, Craig and Joseph have developed an approach that is unmatched.  I'm excited to see the improvement in my agency's results, and I know you will be too.

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