Craig Wiggins Coaching LIVE Event

September 13-14, 2018 in Las Vegas!

Venetian Palazzo Las Vegas

Peer-to-Peer Training by some of the top Agency Owners and staff in the country

This live event won't be a typical insurance seminar... We will be focused on teaching you and your team the skills necessary to succeed. We will have multiple breakout sessions and small groups for interactive coaching and roleplaying led by some of the most well respected Agency Owners and LSPs from all across the country.
If you want hands-on training to coach and develop yourself and your staff, this event was created for YOU.
You and your team will learn AND practice skills that can be implemented in your agency the day you return from the event.
Come and learn real-life best practices and strategies to write and retain more P&C and Life and Retirement business so you can make 2018 your best year yet. 
Fly to Vegas on Wednesday, September 12th
Thursday, September 13th breakfast at 6:45AM and the first general session starts promptly at 8:00AM.
The day will be filled with interactive workshops, general sessions, and Q&A. We will provide breakfast, lunch, snacks, and have a cocktail reception at the end of the first day.
Friday, September 14th breakfast at 6:45AM and the general session starts promptly at 8:00AM. The event will conclude around 12:00PM.
Please book return flights after 3:00PM on Friday, September 14th.

Comparing CWC to another platform or consulting service?
Click on each of these 5 questions:

1. Who is teaching the content?
Is the content taught by Agency Owners or "industry experts"? CWC is owned by an Agency Owner and has no content taught by an "industry expert".
2. Is there any content taught by staff?
CWC has hours of content that is taught by top-performing LSPs in sales and service roles inside Craig's agency. His staff train your staff. Peer to peer training is powerful. 
3. If staff is teaching any content, how many items do they write?
CWC has staff teaching content that produce 100+ items each and every month. This is important as learning from someone who actually performs at a high level is much more important than learning from someone who does not. Our staff don't just teach ideas or theory, they teach what they are actually doing to be successful.
4. Motivational? Or, actual training?
Is the content being taught just motivational content or is it actual content that your agency can implement to make you more successful? At CWC we believe the best way to motivate you is to teach you processes and ideas that actually work and specific lessons to help make you more successful. There are plenty of motivational videos on YouTube.
5. Is the owner accessible?
Craig can be reached by email, text or phone and will typically respond within 24 hours to any question you have.

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