CWC Coaching Index


The CWC Coaching Index Will Help You ... 

  • Make better hiring decisions.
  • Learn how to manage your team.
  • Understand what motivates people.
  • Learn what drives your team.
  • Develop winners with more skills.
  • Build a better business.
  • Transform Your Agency.

ENROLL TODAY Use the CWC Coaching index to gain a better understanding of someone’s judgment and the steps you need to take to fully develop their potential. This tool will help you hire people who are a better fit for your agency and make you a better leader so you can build a better business!

Take A Look At The 13 Judgment Types See Example Reports Below:

How To Interpret CWC Index Results See Instructional Videos Below:

Craig Wiggins and Charles Plott

Scoring Scales

General Judgment


Why we created the Index

Too weak or Too strong?


Existing Team Members

CWC Coaching Index Overview



Judgment Types Overview

13 CWC Coaching Index Judgment Types Learn More About Each Type Below:

Judgment Type 1 - Planning

Judgment Type 4 - Counseling

Judgment Type 7 - Control

Judgment Type 10 - Communicating

Judgment Type 13 - Balanced

Judgment Type 2 - Organizing

Judgment Type 5 - Diplomacy

Judgment Type 8 - Processing

Judgment Type 11- Delegating

Judgment Type Scale Interactions

CWC Coaching Index Summary

Judgment Type 3 - Maintaining

Judgment Type 6- Listening

Judgment Type 9 - Efficiency

Judgment Type 12 - Developing

Interview Suggestions

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