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Live Training with Alison Doner

December 1, 2020 - December 3, 2020

Alison Doner is hosting her powerful and jam-packed live training sessions this month and we are ready to accept registrations.

** NEW Team Members Class Monday 12/7 through Thursday 12/10 

** Experienced Team Members Class Tuesday 12/1 through Thursday 12/3 

—-> Details on both along with registration links down below….. 

These live training sessions are FREE to all levels of membership in CWC and an awesome benefit that we added to deliver more value for you and your staff. Make sure you take advantage of Alison’s awesome live training opportunities every month.

These sessions are not recorded to encourage all to participate openly but keep in mind that she will offer sessions every month. And, even if you can’t participate in every day of a session you and your staff will get so much out of even just an hour or two jumping into her classes. 

Ali hosts training for new team members that cover more basic training to get someone rolling and also training sessions on more advanced topics for tenured team members, managers, and owners. 

See more below for the upcoming live training opportunities with Alison and be sure to participate in all that you can. 

For agency team members — please ask your Agency Owner if you can attend one or more sessions. They are 2-3 hours a day (you can jump in and out as necessary) and a big time commitment, so make sure you have their blessing to register and attend. 

Here is the upcoming schedule …. 

Live Training with Alison Doner for *NEW Team Members* Monday 12/7 through Thursday 12/10 starting at 12:00 PM Eastern until all questions and content have been addressed with 3 hours maximum each day.


Day 1:

– Attendance/Attitude/Coachability/Expectations
– Systems (what should be up on your screen)
– Phones (How do you answer, how do you transfer, how do you put people on hold, voice-mail greeting, talk time, etiquette)
– Email (signatures, etiquette, folders, organization)
– Why insurance matters

Day 2:

– Company History
– Hierarchy / who to call
– Agency Structures
– Day Planning and Time Management
– Goal setting-income, premium/items/points
– Underwriting
– Claims
– Agency Support
– Tech Support

Day 3

– Coverage discussions/Stories
– Parts of a policy
– Different lines of insurance
– Personal Umbrella Policies
– E&O

Day 4

– Marketing
– Prospecting
– Quote, follow up, and closing processes
– Being Reactive vs Proactive
– Relational vs transaction/clerical
– Life and Retirement
– Goals
Live Training with Alison Doner for *EXPERIENCED Team Members* Tuesday 12/1 through Thursday 12/3 starting at 12:00 PM Eastern until all questions and content have been addressed with 3 hours maximum each day.


Day 1: New Business

– Marketing
– Prospecting
– Managing Leads
– Time Management
– Daily Systems
– Quoting
– Follow Up
– Closing
– Coverage and policy form discussions

Day 2: Customer Service

– Forms of communication
– Agency Forms
– Work distribution
– Customer Service tasks
– Cancellation processes
– Claims
– Wise Use of premium
– Cross Sells
– Annual Reviews
– My Work Items

Day 3: Life and Retirement

– Financial statistics

– Wise use of premium
– Marketing
– Processes
– Forms
– Prospects & life/retirement triggers
– Financial Reviews
As you can see, bringing Alison Doner onboard to lead these live training sessions every month for you and your team for FREE included in your CWC membership will be so powerful. 

Craig and I are so thankful to have Ali on the CWC team. 

Make sure that you and your staff participate every month in these fantastic live training sessions. 

And, remember, I also hold live training almost every week and those sessions will continue for you and your team. Make sure you are participating in those as well. The schedule is posted at syllabus.craigwigginscoaching.com

Thank you for being a huge part of the CWC family. Let me know if I can help you or your team in any way.


Joseph Puckett 

President of Operations 
Craig Wiggins Coaching 


December 1, 2020
December 3, 2020
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