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CWC Awards for LSPs

For LSPs that have viewed 20+ chapters (qualifier) in a given month and achieve the following results, we will mail them an award that they can proudly place on their desk. There are three awards and ALL THREE can be achieved. 

  • BRONZE AWARD: 25% Increase in Production over 3-Month Average
  • GOLD AWARD: 50% Increase in Production over 3-Month Average
  • CENTURY CLUB AWARD: Writing 100+ Items in a given month

Email the NAME and MAILING ADDRESS and LIST 60 / Production Report to to nominate your team member for their individual awards. 

Celebrate incremental improvements and progress!

Our Content Isn't Simply "Theory" Or "Ideas" ...

Craig teaches most of the Agency Owner Content and Craig's team teaches most of the content developed for your staff. We teach you and your staff EXACTLY what we are doing in our agencies to have our Sales Agents writing 100+ items every month.  

The systems and processes taught by Craig and his award winning team will give you and your staff the skills and confidence necessary to succeed regardless of your competitive position. 

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