CWC Live Virtual Training on Life & Retirement
September 30th - October 4th
3PM - 5PM Eastern Every Day

Every LIVE Virtual Training Class will include:

  • 5 HOURS of pre-training the week before
    • 1 hour a day the week before
  • 10 HOURS of LIVE training
    • 2 hours each day
    • Monday-Friday
    • 3PM-5PM Eastern
  • Interactive Q&A sessions
  • Live role-playing with between your participants & Craig and his team
  • Have your webcams ready! Webcams are required to attend the class.
  • After this 15-hour virtual training program your participants will walk away with a 90-day Action Plan to complete the three months after training.

Craig Wiggins, Joseph Puckett, and Butch Jeffries will work Face-to-face with you and your team

With our LIVE virtual online training class you will learn:

  • Specific scripts and talk paths to make your staff more comfortable generating Life & Retirement leads.
  • How to make Life & Retirement a part of the conversation and not in addition to so it's a seamless transition
  • The importance of the role of your LSP and CSR in the lives of their customers and how they will protect the entire household
  • Generate massive amounts of life insurance leads and policies
  • Sell the entire household: auto+property+umbrella+life
  • Overcoming objections education and live role play
  • Activity and mindset required to be successful
  • Sell the value proposition of the agency
  • Differentiating yourself from the competition
  • Giving great advice and making solid recommendations
  • How to review policies and generate massive cross-sells for Life and Retirement
  • Increase retention and customer satisfaction
  • And much more.

Once we've completed the training we'll give your LSP a 90-day Action Plan to be fulfilled post training.

This is the ultimate LIVE Virtual Training Program your staff needs to reach their full potential and to TRANSFORM YOUR AGENCY.

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