CWC's Leadership Academy

For Agency Owners and Team Members passionate about becoming effective leaders within their agencies

TEACH IT (Month 1)

  • 70/20/10 Rule for Training
  • 4 Steps to Coaching
  • Setting tone like a thermostat, not a thermometer. 
  • Scheduling effective meetings, one on one training sessions and team meeting/trainings.
  • Interviewing like a master and setting the tone in the interview

LEAD IT (Month 2)

  • Leader’s make their people feel safe
  • How to be proactive vs. reactive
  • How to remain factual in times filled with emotions
  • Using the three C’s to attract, retain, and grow your team members
  • Living with non-negotiables
  • “We Love Insurance, But We Love People More”

EXPECT IT (Month 3)

  • How to have an effective accountability session with role playing
  • Discover the two ways to motivate your team.
  • Use the Motivational questionnaire to hold them accountable to their goals
  • Seeing is believing

What’s included with CWC’s Leadership Academy?

Two Leadership Academy Training sessions with role-playing and group problem-solving each month

– A quarterly 1 on 1 with Leadership Academy Host Beau Vincent

– The Certificate of Leadership Proficiency presented upon graduation

(Graduation occurs on a quarterly basis for those who have shown proficiency in their leadership skills)

*Upon graduation you will be invited to join the exclusive Leaders Teaching Leaders Group, exclusive to graduating members of the Leadership Academy.*

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