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Craig Wiggins, 
CEO / Craig's Inner Circle Program Coach

Craig Wiggins started his agency in 1996 with 0 customers and 0 clients… Today he has built one of the largest agencies in the country with 4 locations in 2 states and over $40,000,000 in annual premium. Craig and his Agency consistently win top awards and recognitions year after year. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2020. Craig understands that developing a solid team of winners is crucial for success. His true passion is coaching and developing teams to reach their full potential. This is why he has multiple award-winning Sales Agents that write over 100 items every single month.

Craig and his wife Wendy have two children and they reside in Huntsville, AL. He loves to spend his free time coaching his sons in sports, hunting, and fishing at his farm, and watching Alabama win National Championships. Feel free to reach out to Craig if he can help you or your team in any way.

Alison Doner, 
PRESIDENT / Mentoring Program Coach
Alison Doner built an award winning multi-location mega agency from 2006 through 2020 and was a CWC member. She sold her agencies and planned on working on her real estate portfolio and helping clients with their financial portfolios. After her “retirement” she accepted a part time coaching role with CWC which quickly turned into a full time commitment to CWC and their members because of her strong desire to help others. Some of her most popular courses on the platform include female agency owner success tips, customer service excellence, and what they don’t teach you in training.   
Alison was once a single mom on welfare and she was able to build a very blessed life for her family thanks to the insurance industry. Her mission is to help others be the best they can be not only in their career but also in life. Alison shares her wisdom on the training platform videos, live trainings every month, and works directly with mentoring clients. When she’s not working she is a busy mom of Chloe (25), Cameron (18), Casey (15), and Cody (11) and she has a granddaughter arriving in December. 

Joseph Puckett, 
Co-Founder / Mentoring Program Coach / Team Training Program Coach

Joseph Puckett has been consulting with Craig since 2010 and joined his agency in 2011. They founded CWC together and he is a huge part of the virtual training platform, live events, and more.

Joseph is a 2006 graduate of The University of Alabama. After spending 3 years in the banking and financial services industry, he started a scratch insurance agency. Joseph met Craig Wiggins 1.5 years later and joined Craig’s team in March of 2011. 

Since then, Joseph has grown in his role and now is responsible for the day-to-day operations of Craig’s agencies including recruiting, management, coaching and development, and runs the operations of CWC.

Joseph has three amazing children with his high school sweetheart wife Lauren and loves investing time with them. He is also a raving fan of Taco Bell and Diet Mountain Dew.

Mark Mercer, 
Mega Agency Owner / Team Training Program Coach

Mark Mercer is a third-generation agency owner who began his career with Allstate in 2009. He originally purchased his dad’s agency and went on to open two more locations which he built from scratch.

Today he has one of the largest Allstate agencies in the state of Indiana and has 20 staff members.

Mark is known for his successful team environment and winning culture.

In 2020 his agency ranked #20 out of the entire company with a near perfect score of 3.95.

Mark and his wife Gretchen have two wonderful children, William and Addison, and Gretchen runs a nonprofit, NWI No Child Hungry, that helps feed local students.

Besides his family and the agencies Mark’s other passions include shoes and the Cubs. 

Justin Harkelroad, 
Former Mega Agency Owner / Team Training Program Coach

Justin Harkelroad began his career with Allstate in 2007 as a scratch agent. 

Throughout his many years of owning, buying and opening multiple scratch agencies, he was able to build his agency to achieve multiple inner circle awards while maintaining the Mega Agency qualification. 

His love for streamlining processes and technology inspired him to co-found The Follow Up Tool in 2017 which he later sold to Lightspeed Voice in 2019. 

In 2020, Justin and his wife Corina decided to sell all of his agencies & locations to launch a Boutique Fitness Studio experience, TRIUMPH. Although the new venture gave him a taste of a new world, he wildly missed helping agents and coaching LSP’s in which drove him to join the CWC team as a Team Training Program coach. 

His drive comes from his family of 5, and he believes agents can “have it all” through self accountability and leadership. 

Ryan Chao, 
Agency Owner / Mentoring Program Coach

Ryan Chao began his Career with Allstate 6 years ago when he purchased his first Scratch Agency.  After two years of Agency Ownership, Ryan realized that he had so much more that he needed to learn.  He sold his agency and joined the Craig Wiggins Agency as the Agency Manager for the Georgia Location.  After two years of learning from Craig and Joseph, Ryan was ready to start another venture as an Agency Owner.  His goal was to write an average of $100,000 a Month in New Business Premium while maintaining a Positive Cash Flow.  Ryan has achieved his goal every month thus far.  Ryan’s Agency has grown by $3M in just 24 Months, Hit Circle of Champions and is on pace to hit it again.  Through his journey, Ryan created a proven Pipeline Process with Allstate Lead Manager and has created a scalable Marketing Process that has never failed.  Ryan has coached well over 400 Allstate agents thus far on his Proven Allstate Lead Manager and Marketing Processes and is ready to begin coaching you as well!

Justin Slocum, 
Mega Agency Owner / CWC Coach

Justin Slocum is a mega agency owner in Texas with over 25 million in premium spanning over 5 locations.

In his 10 years with Allstate he has learned the Do’s and Don’ts of growing through agency purchases.

He is dedicated to working directly with you on marketing,  selling and/or acquiring an agency.

Justin is also a master at developing and leveraging centers of influence to grow your agency and consistently teaches CWC Members the best and most effective strategies of growing through developing those relationships. 

Gregg Blanchard, 
Mega Agency Owner / CWC Coach

Gregg Blanchard currently owns the Gregg Blanchard Allstate Agencies in the great state of Florida. He is an accomplished business leader with over 21 years of experience running several successful startup companies.

His agencies have won several Allstate awards on multiple occasions throughout his career which include Allstate Rookie of The Year, Allstate Inner Circle, Allstate Circle of Champions, Allstate Top Commercial Agency designation, Florida’s Finest Member for Financial Services and Leaders Forum.

Gregg has worked with thousands of agents across the country to help develop award-winning results in the areas of Sales Performance workshops, seminars, and coaching platforms in tandem with the Craig Wiggins Coaching system.

His agency is a Mega Agency in the state of Florida which was built from scratch back in 2007.

Gregg currently serves on the Agency Executive Council with several successful AEC colleagues to help foster initiatives within the Allstate leadership.

His passion is to help other agency owners connect with home office on several key topics to help grow their agencies into profitable companies.

Gregg was also was chosen to sit on the National Advisory Board to represent the over 10,000 agents throughout the country. While on the NAB he helped consult on several different projects which were crucial to the work that was being done to enhance the agent experience. The work included software projects, technology, the customer experience, and innovation work to help automate workflows throughout the enterprise.

Gregg has participated in several acquisitions during his career. He understands the complexities of buying and selling businesses in today’s fast paced business environment.

Gregg spends his time in Florida with his wife Jennifer and his children. He is soccer coach, mentor, boater and enjoys the Florida lifestyle.

Beth Lambrecht, 

Beth Lambrecht joined Craig Wiggins Agency in September of 2013 and was brand new in the insurance industry. Beth quickly rose to become a rockstar Sales Agent and since 2016 exceed 100+ items written almost every single month…. 1300-1500 total items every year!

Beth is a huge part of the agency family and is also in dozens of the CWC training videos on the On-Demand virtual training platform. She is also highlighted several times each year in the live webinars and also at all CWC live events. Beth is a wonderful example of what coaching and development can do for someone who is passionate about creating an amazing career as an LSP in the insurance industry. Beth is also truly passionate about being a part of the CWC family and helping agencies and their staff all across their country to grow and develop towards their own “Century Club”!

Beth and her husband have two boys and she loves spending time with them … also taking her custom AR to the range often.

...And Other Special Guests!

Many other Sales and Service Agents from Craig Wiggins Agencies along with other top Agency Owners, LSPs, and special guests from all across the country are a part of the CWC On-Demand virtual training platform, live webinars, and live events. Craig Wiggins along with ALL of these outstanding individuals truly want to help to transform agencies and the lives of the Agency Owners and team members. Become a part of the CWC family today and let’s get to work!

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