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Craig Wiggins and his team want to help you grow your team. Staffing your agency following our specific and proven Hiring Process will help you transform your agency. We are giving you our entire Hiring Process and other supporting documents like our agency handbook, example compensation plans and more. get it all right now by clicking below.


Craig Wiggins CEO

Craig Wiggins started his agency in 1996 with 0 customers and 0 clients... Today he has built one of the largest agencies in the country with 4 locations in 2 states and over $36,000,000 in annual premium. Craig and his Agency consistently win top awards and recognitions year after year. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2020. Craig understands that developing a solid team of winners is crucial for success. His true passion is coaching and developing teams to reach their full potential. This is why he has multiple award-winning Sales Agents that write over 100 items every single month.

Craig and his wife Wendy have two children and they reside in Huntsville, AL. He loves to spend his free time coaching his sons in sports, hunting, and fishing at his farm, and watching Alabama win National Championships. Feel free to reach out to Craig if he can help you or your team in any way.

Alison Doner

Alison Doner PRESIDENT

Alison hosts LIVE training every month available for all agencies in any membership level. 4-days taught every month for new sales and service team members and another 4-days available to existing agency staff on advanced sales and service strategies. There is no additional cost for these powerful training sessions that are open to all agencies enrolled in CWC On Demand, Coaching, or Mentoring levels. 

Alison also has courses in the CWC On Demand platform on female agency owner success tips, customer service excellence, what they don't teach you in training (very popular course!), and more. Alison is also a participant of CWC live events and is a terrific part of the curriculum. You will love what Alison delivers to CWC.

Alison built a multi-location mega agency from 2006 through 2020. She sold the agency to retire and also to support her EFS husband's business .... but that retirement didn't last long. Within a month she was onboard with CWC in this full time role. You and your team will learn so much from Alison in her live training sessions available to all members every month. 

Joseph Puckett

Joseph Puckett President of Operations

Joseph Puckett has been consulting with Craig since 2010 and joined his agency in 2011. They founded CWC together and he is a huge part of the virtual training platform, live events, and more.  

Joseph is a 2006 graduate of The University of Alabama. After spending 3 years in the banking and financial services industry, he started a scratch insurance agency. Joseph met Craig Wiggins 1.5 years later and joined Craig's team in March of 2011. Since then, Joseph has grown in his role and now is responsible for the day-to-day operations of Craig's agencies including recruiting, management, coaching and development, and runs the operations of CWC. 

Joseph has three amazing children with his high school sweetheart wife Lauren and loves investing time with them. He is also a raving fan of Taco Bell and Diet Mountain Dew. 

Beth Lambrecht


Beth Lambrecht joined Craig Wiggins Agency in September of 2013 and was brand new in the insurance industry. Beth quickly rose to become a rockstar Sales Agent and since 2016 exceed 100+ items written almost every single month.... 1300-1500 total items every year!

Beth is a huge part of the agency family and is also in dozens of the CWC training videos on the On-Demand virtual training platform. She is also highlighted several times each year in the live webinars and also at all CWC live events. Beth is a wonderful example of what coaching and development can do for someone who is passionate about creating an amazing career as an LSP in the insurance industry. Beth is also truly passionate about being a part of the CWC family and helping agencies and their staff all across their country to grow and develop towards their own "Century Club"!

Beth and her husband have two boys and she loves spending time with them ... also taking her custom AR to the range often.

Josephine Jones


Josephine Jones has been with the Craig Wiggins Agency since August of 2017. She started as a Service Agent then transitioned to Sales and is one or our most recent Century Club Agents! 

Josephine is in dozens of chapters in the CWC On-Demand virtual training platform and also a part of the live webinars and live events. Josephine has over 15 years of customer service experience and enjoys meeting the needs and concerns of her customers. Josephine also has a ministry background and you can tell she truly cares about protecting her customers. 

She’s a mother 2 handsome boys age 11 and 1 year old. She enjoys traveling and R&R when she has the time. Josephine looks forward to her continued growth and development at the Wiggins Agency and to help team members in CWC agencies do the same.

Butch Jeffries


Butch Jeffries began his career in Life Insurance in 1987 in Birmingham, AL. He was an award winning Life Specialist in Mobile, AL then moved to management and leadership in Georgia and North Carolina before becoming the financial services leader for the 7 states of the northeast US. His career came full circle back to a Financial Specialist in Chicago and North Alabama. He started A to Z Financial Concepts in 2009 and since then has built a firm with over 3,000 clients, $1 BILLION of life insurance currently in force, and over $100 Million in assets under management. Butch has achieved the highest award levels many times both locally and nationally. He is internationally recognized as Top of the table MDRT and the accomplishment he is most proud of is being inducted into the financial Hall of Fame. He attributes his success to a burning desire to make a difference in the lives of clients, agents and staff, and to leave a legacy of helping others achieve their goals and dreams. Butch is a huge part of the 150+ chapters of the Life, Retirement, and Benefits courses on the platform and also a part of CWC live webinars and live events.


Cliff Hart started in the insurance and financial services industry in 1998 as a financial representative for Prudential and then in the banking industry for large financial institutions. He has been with his current carrier since 2002. Cliff grew his initial single location P&C insurance agency from $1M written premium to a multi-location mega insurance agency. In 2015, Cliff started with an in-house benefit specialist and is now the #1 Premier Benefit Agency (PBA) in the nation partnering with agencies in 7 states to help them achieve their ALR goals. Cliff is a part of the 150+ chapters on the CWC On-Demand platform that is focused on life, retirement, and benefits. He is also a part of the live webinar and live events for CWC members. Cliff is a benefits MASTER and can help you and your agency generate massive amounts of production credit using his product knowledge education and sales strategies. Cliff resides in Michigan with his wife of 24+ years and they have 4 children. 

Craig Wiggins Coaching

... And other Special Guests!

Many other Sales and Service Agents from Craig Wiggins Agencies along with other top Agency Owners, LSPs, and special guests from all across the country are a part of the CWC On-Demand virtual training platform, live webinars, and live events. Craig Wiggins along with ALL of these outstanding individuals truly want to help to transform agencies and the lives of the Agency Owners and team members. Become a part of the CWC family today and let's get to work!

Our Content Isn't Simply "Theory" Or "Ideas" ...

Craig teaches most of the Agency Owner Content and Craig's team teaches most of the content developed for your staff. We teach you and your staff EXACTLY what we are doing in our agencies to have our Sales Agents writing 100+ items every month.  

The systems and processes taught by Craig and his award winning team will give you and your staff the skills and confidence necessary to succeed regardless of your competitive position. 

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