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Are you an insurance agency owner looking to streamline training, save time, and boost sales for your producers?

The S.M.A.R.T. Producer Program is your solution!

Designed specifically for insurance professionals, this program is tailored to help support producers remotely. Through on-demand support, activity accountability, daily training, and personalized coaching, we enable producers to enhance their skills, increase their efficiency, and improve their sales.

Our mission is clear: to help agents manage and train their producers. We do this by providing a live resource for help during calls, coaching them in the moment, training daily to increase their expertise, and by holding them accountable to your expectations. 

Agency owners now have access to a program that elevates their team’s sales performance through a regimented hands-on training process.

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I just started working with an Agency in San Diego, and I wanted to sincerely thank you for the courses you provide. I just medically retired from the Navy last month and for the first time in over a decade, I was back out in the American workforce. Truth be told, I had no idea what on earth I was going to do with myself. I am a small town southern kid from North Carolina, out in San Diego, and I accepted the first job offer that came my way after my military career came to it’s untimely close. My boss sold me on selling insurance, if that makes any sense? I knew I could speak well for myself, but I also knew I couldn’t fathom the idea of peddling cars. Insurance was one of the most honorable things I could sell, and it’s often one of the most under-appreciated necessities in life that provide so much for so very little. Your instructional videos have been incredible for me. I have learned to take what I know, pair it with what I was missing out on, and see everything about what I am doing as a continuous work-in-progress. Every phone call is another opportunity to have a different experience, and observe my tactics and approach going forward. I am unbelievably grateful for the courses you guys have put together. I appreciate everything you and the team have done and will continue to do!
mATThew johnson
April was the best month E V E R since I opened in August '22. Two months in with CWC training, and my team--even down one staff member the whole month—we knocked out $48000! We've only ever produced $19000 max to this point. I truly believe the program has had a huge boon on this agency's trajectory and I am so very thankful to have made the leap of faith.
Onward and upward now!!!
Sarah Tipton
I wanted to take a moment and recognize my newest staff member Melissa Torres who started with me three weeks ago. She took the live New Staff Onboarding earlier this month. She has a year of Allstate experience from an agency which is not on your platform. She mentioned to me early on that her prior work environment was fine but lacked the coaching she felt was needed to improve her skills and achieve personal and financial growth. She put the CWC training into practice and on day 4 of writing business by achieving a 1 Call Close on an Auto/Renters policy which was $441.00 MORE premium than the insureds current carrier. Thank you for creating and evolving such an amazing platform. It’s been worth every penny I’ve spent on it over the past 5 years!!
Bill McDonald

It's Free for CWC On-Demand Members!

If you’re a member of our On-Demand Service, this incredible resource is completely free. Simply access the Morning Huddle through a clickable link in our training center.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to kickstart your day and take your sales skills to new heights!

Ready to fuel your success journey? Mark your calendar and set your alarms for the Morning Huddle every Monday to Friday at 8:45 AM CST. We’ll see you there!

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