As you know, recruiting and hiring is both the most important and challenging tasks that we face as insurance agents.

When we get it right, we hit our business goals and are very happy with our decisions.

When we get it wrong, we payout thousands of dollars to someone we probably shouldn’t have hired in the first place and have to repeat the cycle…

Build Your Bullpen is a solution to this problem.

What if you identified candidates that could be a fit for your agency, but they’re not quite ready?

What if you had a place to train and develop the candidate until they are ready to come onboard?

Are they Licensed? Do they have basic knowledge of insurance? Do they understand what selling insurance is all about and how they can maximize their potential new opportunity with you?

Build Your Bullpen can help with this and much more!

Unlimited # of candidates + current unlicensed team members can participate.

2x Monthly Meetings with your “Bullpen” will be held at 7PM Eastern / 6PM Central / 5PM Mountain / 4PM Pacific

1x Monthly Meeting for the Agency Owner / Manager to make sure that they have support and are maximizing this program.

Recorded recruit training sessions will be available on the platform and they will have full access to ALL CWC On Demand training as well. Show them the valuable training you will provide to them once they are fully onboard. This is a massive benefit of being on your team, ensure that you leverage this in your recruiting.

You will also get a FREE copy of Kevin’s eBook “Mentors Matter” to help you in your own development. 


Only $497 monthly per agency with a minimum of 3 months commitment.
Charges will recur monthly unless cancelled and must be before the next charge date. 

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