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For staff members that have viewed 20+ chapters (qualifier) in a given month and achieve one of the measurements*, we will mail them an award that they can proudly place on their desk. There are three awards and ALL THREE can be achieved.

*Increase in production is measured by comparing two consecutive quarters for 25% or 50% improvement. There are minimum production requirements of 45 items, 30 policies, or $45,000 in premium for the quarter being improved upon. For example, a producer averaging 45 items, 30 policies, or $45,000 in premium for a quarter would need to improve to 57 items, 38 policies, or $56,250 in premium in order to qualify for the bronze award.

Email the full name, mailing address, and production reports (corporate reports or sales management system reports) to to nominate your team member for their individual awards.

Celebrate Incremental Improvements And Progress!

Bronze Award

Received for 25% Increase

in Production

Over 3-Month Average

Gold Award

Received for 50% Increase

in Production

Over 3-Month Average

Century Club Award

Received for Writing 100+


in a Single Month

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