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We recommend The Westin in Huntsville (link) but there are many great hotel options near Craig's agency located at 1130 Eagletree Lane, Huntsville, AL 35801. Uber and Lyft operate in the city for ride sharing app users. You may also rent a vehicle at the air port. Most attendees fly into Huntsville airport the evening before the workshop date and many will fly out at 7PM or later the day of the workshop. The agency is 20-30 min away from the airport and flights must be checked into 1 hour before so leaving agency by 5PM is fine for a 7PM or later flight. Or, departing the next morning works for some attendees as well. We provide a catered lunch the day of the workshop for attendees along with coffee, soda, and water. The workshops start promptly at 9:00AM Central and will end before 5:00PM Central. Email if you have any additional questions. We look forward to working with your team.

Come to Huntsville, Alabama
Get the one-on-one Coaching your agency deserves

Craig and his staff are passionate about improving insurance agencies and are excited to work with you and your staff at his agency. There are three ways that you and your staff can come to Craig's agency in Huntsville. You can choose the exclusive Full Day Consult for ONLY you and your staff. Or, choose from the Coaching & Leadership Workshop or the LSP Sales Mastery Workshop to join others from around the country for these powerful mastermind sessions. Many agencies have participated in 2 or more different workshops!

Investing In A Day At Craig's Agency Will TRANSFORM Your Agency

Workshop Testimonial:

Hi Craig & Joseph,

I just wanted to take a moment and personally thank you. Aimee and Ben both attended your workshops last moth and came back with a new sense of purpose and drive unlike anything I have ever seen.

Ben took your lead with coverage approach and crushed it in March. Not only did he close higher cost policies but he also increased coverage and included a PIP on 10 of the households he insured. He actually told me that he was intimidated to ask about the PUP until after after your workshop!

Aimee hit the ground running the Tuesday after meeting with you. She closed 30 policies equaling 36 items in the last 9 days of the month with 4 of those being PUPs. She is excited to hit the Century Club this month and is setting huge goals for herself and the agency.

I also implemented the CWC service training for my two newest service agents from day 1 with the agency. Our retention is now up to over 91% and steady increasing every month!

Our agency has always been a solid producing agency compared to others in our market but the CWC has shown us all that there is no reason that we can not do so much more not only in production numbers but to also help better protect our clients. We are currently 86% over last year's total new business production and 283% in PUPs!

Again I want to thank you for everything that you and your team do to help us all become better agents.


Coaching & Leadership Workshop

  • Exclusive workshop only for Agency Owners and Managers solely focused on making you a better leader in your agency.
  • Work with Craig in this interactive setting to increase your coaching and leadership skills.
  • Develop your ability to coach your team and develop them to reach their full potential.
  • Practice your role playing and coaching skills so you can implement with your team as soon as you return to your agency.
  • Discuss your unique challenges among your peers and walk away with a game-plan to take your team to the next level.
  • And so much more! Come prepared to take pages and pages of notes.
Coaching & Leadership Workshop Testimonials

LSP Sales or Service Mastery Workshops

  • Turn your LSPs into Sales Rockstars capable of writing 100+ items a month.
  • Craig and his team will train your LSP via live role play.
  • Sales Process Training, Overcoming Objections Training, Generating Life Insurance, Asking For Referrals, and MORE will be taught in this workshop.
  • Interviews and hands-on conversations with Craig's top LSPs with open Q&A sessions.
  • This is a very interactive and hands on workshop. Your staff will return to the agency not only motivated to take it to the next level, they will have the talk paths and tools necessary to write even more business.
  • And so much more! Come prepared to take pages and pages of notes.
LPS Workshop Testimonials

Full Day Consultation For ONLY You And Your Team

  • You and your staff get to spend the entire day with Craig and his team. No other agencies will be involved. This is truly YOUR day.
  • 30-Minute preparation phone consultation with Craig.
  • 9am to 5pm In-Office consultation. YOU set the agenda and we will work on whatever YOU need to improve in your agency.
  • 60-Minute follow-up phone consultation with Craig to check your progress and answer further questions.
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