CWC Elite training options help agency owners and team members reach their potential faster through coaching, advanced skills training, and accountability.

Elite class curriculums and forms were created by CWC President and Mentor Alison Doner & CWC Education and Training Consultant Maria McNeely. These training options are new for 2023 and are currently limited to Allstate but other company specific training will be developed in the future.

The Skills Mastery Class provides in depth training on critical information team members need to succeed including quoting and policy management systems, products, rules & rates, underwriting, claims, billing, lead management, CRM utilization, goal and activity setting, the sales process, and role play. The class is a weeklong session, Monday through Friday, 12:00 – 4:00 pm EST and is limited to 15 people. Class dates are listed on our calendar.

Attendees of the Skills Mastery Class can continue their development and accountability monthly by participating in our Coaching and Accountability Program. Maria will work directly with team members to develop their quoting skills, activity, close rates, and production through training, one on one coaching, call scoring, and role play. Each participant will receive a minimum of 8 individual call coaching sessions per month in addition to the 4 group training sessions and support as needed. Agency leadership will receive updates with feedback directly from CWC. Due to the time commitment and individualized attention attendees will receive this program is limited to 5 attendees. The first month is $2497 and $1997 for each additional month to continue in the Coaching and Accountability Program. Completion of the Skills Mastery Class is required prior to the start of the Coaching and Accountability Program start date. Exceptions may be made if the team member is completely proficient with all systems including policy view, quoting, underwriting, lead management, CRMs, and the sales process. Please email for any exception requests for coaching and accountability without the skills mastery prerequisite.

Skills Mastery Class

  • Suitable for any agency team member needing advanced insurance training.
  • A maximum of 15 participants per class
  • The class is Noon-4:00 Eastern Monday – Friday
  • $1497 per attendee
  • Class dates are available on our calendar
  • Carrier specific training

Coaching & Accountability

  • Sales focused coaching and accountability
  • Month to month commitment
  • A maximum of 5 participants in the program
  • A minimum of 4 group training sessions
  • A minimum of 8 individual call coaching sessions
  • Additional support and training as needed
  • Weekly updates for agency owners
  • $2497 the first month and $1997 each month after
  • Carrier specific training
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