CWC Comes To YOUR Agency

CWC's Alison Doner Can Bring CWC To Your Agency In-Person Or Virtually

Alison Doner is a former multi-location mega agency owner and a part of CWC’s live training every month.

She’s opened up her calendar for the opportunity to work directly with you on your unique challenges and needs. Alison offers in-agency consultations along with virtual consultations and can fine-tune a plan to meet your needs to help you transform your agency working individually with her.

Whether it is specific processes, help with training, understanding reports, staffing, and more … we are ready to help with whatever you need to develop your team and grow your business in YOUR agency.

Alison can customize an individual consultation at your agency or even virtually to help you with exactly what you need. Here are some example topics that are commonly worked on with either the agency owner or can also include agency staff:


  • Schedule management – reviewing how the agency is spending their time, analyzing, and reprioritizing
  • Dash reports – In depth training on all of the reports needed to run a successful agency as well as an analysis of the current state of the agency*
  • Financial analysis – Reviewing and analyzing the revenue and expenses at an agency*
  • Marketing analysis – An in depth analysis on the agency marketing plan and ROI*
  • Agency Processes – What is working and what is not?
  • Staffing – recruiting, training, reviews, accountability


  • Sales mastery – prospecting, quoting, and closing
  • Customer service mastery – endorsements, claims, billing, policy coverages, retention, and cancelation
  • Lead Management
  • Expectations
  • Culture
  • Processes
  • Forms
  • Life and Financial
  • And More

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