Work directly with Craig Wiggins to exceed your goals. 

Craig Wiggins built a $40M mega agency and has personally mentored hundreds of insurance agency owners from all across the country. 

His elite “Inner Circle” program allows agency owners to work directly with him twice a month in individual consulting sessions where Craig will help you with your entire business plan. 

Inner Circle members are also invited to exclusive events at Craig’s agency in Huntsville, Alabama and have webinars with just the IC members. 

This is an elite group of power-agents truly investing in themselves to make sure that they have the resources that they need to transform your agency. 

Craig’s program is currently full… But if you are serious about taking your agency to the next level and want to reach out to Craig to be put on the waitlist and see if he can make a spot for you, email to setup a call to learn more. 

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Tara Erwin is a Client Consultant at CWC and was previously successful top producer at Craig’s agency. As a Client Consultant she handles many different tasks including billing and onboarding new members. But her true passion is coaching agency owners and team members to be successful using the CWC programs.