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John Pavle - #1 Premium Producer in 2021 for his carrier - is a MASTER at internet leads and processes. Have him come to YOU agency to install his systems and processes for you and your staff!

John Pavle started his scratch agency in 2009 with just himself and one other employee. From the very beginning, John grew his agency through internet leads. John now has a total of six scratch agencies with over $33,000,000 in earned premium. The Pavle agencies are on pace to write $10 million in new business premium this year mainly through internet leads. John has worked with many lead companies throughout the years and has a vast array of knowledge of the lead industry. 
John comes to YOUR Agency:
– 1.5 days at YOUR agency shoulder to shoulder with you and your staff.
– I will use my exclusive lead provider relationships and provide direct access to you so you are  purchasing the right leads for your agency at the right cost.
– I’ll help set up all of your technology needs in order to maximize efficiency and production.
– Help train and motivate your staff on how to work internet leads. 
– Teach you how to purchase the right type of leads as well as what demographics to buy them in to maximize close ratio and return on investment.
– Teach you how to develop relationships with lead providers and give you access to the best reps.
– Two follow up team zoom video training sessions to measure, refine, and further educate staff to have tremendous success. 
I am looking for a select few agents to work with agency owners to help them in this immersive program. I want to work with people who are totally committed to scaling their agencies on a large scale!
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Tara Erwin is a Client Consultant at CWC and was previously successful top producer at Craig’s agency. As a Client Consultant she handles many different tasks including billing and onboarding new members. But her true passion is coaching agency owners and team members to be successful using the CWC programs.