You can work directly with CWC Coach Wyatt Mace  

Wyatt’s entrepreneurial spirit runs deep. He has a proven track record of successfully launching, scaling, and ultimately selling businesses in the food and beverage and mortgage industries before becoming an insurance agent. While continuing to grow his insurance agency, Wyatt also owns and operates a thriving real estate design and development firm.

As an accomplished mega agency owner, Wyatt operates in 5 states (NM, CO, AZ, TX, and UT) and along with his team of 14, has achieved impressive success going from 0 to $16 million in premium in his first 5 years. 

Wyatt and his leadership team have invested well over a million dollars in marketing, data, optimization, consulting, business mentoring, sales training, leads, direct mail, transfers, and more. He is passionate about sharing his expertise, and has devised a plan to help other agencies achieve up to 3x in revenue (not premium) on every dollar invested.

Additionally, Wyatt is renowned for his outstanding leadership skills, focusing on building a strong team culture and successfully recruiting, training, and mentoring new agents to consistently produce an average of 35-40k per month. 


Agencies looking to write more new business and build a sales team that operates at a high level, this 8-week course is for you! 

Two 90-min sessions every week for 8 weeks will provide you the resources that you need to truly transform your agency and take it to the next level. 

You will get a step by step framework and plan to ramp-up your sales FAST! 

Here is just a short list of some of the deliverables in this course: 

– Understanding the economics of your agency and what drives growth (new business, renewals, bonus, equity growth) 

– How to develop your strategy for growth 

– Know Your Numbers: Activity, Quotes, Producers, Leads and Marketing… what will it take to WIN and exceed your goals.

– How to obtain capital to scale effectively and profitably. 

– ALL things leads and marketing to help your staff write more new business and have positive ROI. 

– Hiring and Staffing a WINNING team of top performers. Everything from recruiting to interviewing, creating your compensation plan, and so much more. 

– How to set expectations and hold your staff accountable to achieve their goals, and exceed yours. 

– How to get new team members licensed, onboarded, and producing at a high rate as FAST as possible. Hint.. it shouldn’t take months to get a new producer rolling… 

– How to train your staff using CWC On Demand + your training and development so they reach their full potential. 

– How to make data-driven decisions based off your growth plan (and not on pure emotions) 

– How to create a winning culture that your team members will thrive in and new recruits will want to be a part of. 

– INSPIRE action in your people and watch them thrive! 

– Lead Vendor relationship management and how to get the best prices for the appropriate lead volume. 

– Inspire action in your people, don’t require it. 


SPACE IS VERY LIMITED so register today to lock in your spot and get ready to GROW! 


12:30 PM – 2:00 PM Eastern / 11:30AM – 1:00 PM Central / 10:30AM – 12:00 PM Mountain / 9:30AM – 11:00 AM Pacific

Tuesdays and Thursdays: 6/13, 6/15, 6/20, 6/22, 6/27, 6/29, 7/11, 7/13, 7/18, 7/20, 7/25, 7/27, 8/1, 8/3, 8/9, 8/10


Need More Help?

Tara Erwin is a Client Consultant at CWC and was previously successful top producer at Craig’s agency. As a Client Consultant she handles many different tasks including billing and onboarding new members. But her true passion is coaching agency owners and team members to be successful using the CWC programs.