Wyatt’s entrepreneurial spirit runs deep. He has a proven track record of successfully launching, scaling, and ultimately selling businesses in the food and beverage and mortgage industries before becoming an insurance agent. While continuing to grow his insurance agency, Wyatt also owns and operates a thriving real estate design and development firm.

As an accomplished mega agency owner, Wyatt operates in 5 states (NM, CO, AZ, TX, and UT) and along with his team of 14, has achieved impressive success going from 0 to $16 million in premium in his first 5 years. 

Wyatt and his leadership team have invested well over a million dollars in marketing, data, optimization, consulting, business mentoring, sales training, leads, direct mail, transfers, and more. He is passionate about sharing his expertise, and has devised a plan to help other agencies achieve up to 3x in revenue (not premium) on every dollar invested.

Additionally, Wyatt is renowned for his outstanding leadership skills, focusing on building a strong team culture and successfully recruiting, training, and mentoring new agents to consistently produce an average of 35-40k per month.

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Agencies looking to write more new business and build a sales team that operates at a high level, this 6-week course is for you! 

Two 90-min sessions every week for 6 weeks will provide you the resources that you need to truly transform your agency and take it to the next level. 

You will get a step by step framework and plan to ramp-up your sales FAST! 

Here is just a short list of some of the deliverables in this course: 

  • Understanding the economics of your agency and what drives growth (new business, renewals, bonus, equity growth) 
  • How to develop your strategy for growth 
  • Know Your Numbers: Activity, Quotes, Producers, Leads and Marketing… what will it take to WIN and exceed your goals.
  • How to obtain capital to scale effectively and profitably
  • ALL things leads and marketing to help your staff write more new business and have positive ROI. 
  • Hiring and Staffing a WINNING team of top performers. Everything from recruiting to interviewing, creating your compensation plan, and so much more.
  • How to set expectations and hold your staff accountable to achieve their goals, and exceed yours. 
  • How to get new team members licensed, onboarded, and producing at a high rate as FAST as possible. Hint.. it shouldn’t take months to get a new producer rolling… 

  • Inspire action in your people, don’t require it. 

  • Lead Vendor relationship management and how to get the best prices for the appropriate lead volume. 

  • INSPIRE action in your people and watch them thrive!
  • How to create a winning culture that your team members will thrive in and new recruits will want to be a part of.
  • How to make data-driven decisions based off your growth plan (and not on pure emotions)
  • How to train your staff using CWC On Demand + your training and development so they reach their full potential.


SPACE IS VERY LIMITED so register today to lock in your spot and get ready to GROW!


12:30 PM – 2:00 PM Eastern / 11:30AM – 1:00 PM Central / 10:30AM – 12:00 PM Mountain / 9:30AM – 11:00 AM Pacific

Tuesdays and Thursdays: 8/29-10/5


I just wanted to send you a quick email to say THANK YOU!!

I was an Allstate LSP for 8 years and on March 2022 I open my own agency. I came to this country from Venezuela in 2014 and went through so much.

I joined CWC at the of April this year, and before that I had the misconception that other agents don’t want to help you. That other people don’t want you to succeed or be happy (you can imagine the people I found when I got here. At one point I actually lost everything).

Since April I have found a new love for this career. I have found so much value on your website and a lot more on you Facebook group and from other agents!!! You are not just a name, you are there, on a daily basis, HELPING! It’s almost unbelievable. Thanks to you I was able to connect with people like Nick Sakha, Ryan Chao and currently I’m taking the amazing class with Wyatt Mace. You and them changed my life in only two months. My mindset and my agency’s is completely different now.

Last year and the beginning of this one have been tough for me. I started from scratch, with people with no experience in sales or insurance ( I love them all today) and I had a baby at the same time I opened my agency, so I had to take care of Liam and the agency at the same time (my husband and I took care of him every day with no help). And you can imagine how low is my cash flow 

 I achieve VM since month one and every month since then (not much of accomplishment as is only 12 items) but I’ve been doing 40k and 50/70 items regularly every month since we opened. 

Since May when I started putting in practice all I have learned from you, today we are closing with 100 items and doubled our production for 80K. 

My goal the next couple of month is to get to 100K monthly and then just keep growing. Our bundle this year is almost 95% and even with more than 50% increase our retention is at almost 90%.

This is not a quick email as I thought, but just wanted to say that my anxiety is a lot lower, my love for my agency is a LOT greater and the process I’m implementing are working beautifully because of you and the people I was able to find because of CWC.

I won’t make it to Vegas this year as I can afford it yet, but I even offer it as a bonus for my team next year, for all of those who write an average of 40 items per month! So, I’m sure we will see each other regularly and I’ll thank you in person soon. God bless you all. Thank you for all you do.


I have taken many classes and worked with many coaches.  They have all been fantastic, but Wyatt put it all together for me.  He laid out a path to growth that was reasonable, realistic, and workable.  Wyatt’s openness to share his processes, his successes and his failures was eye opening.  The class really allowed me to realize how many of the decisions I was making in my agency were emotional and not data driven.  My agency had been stuck in a rut, and we are now trending to double our last 6 months average production.  For the first time in a long while, I am super optimistic about the future and not afraid to invest back into the agency for growth.


I began my journey as scratch agency in 2022, right after the whole pandemic craziness. Even though I was up against some hefty economic challenges and diving into an uncompetitive market, I still managed to achieve some minor milestones in my first year. However, I reached a point where progress stalled, and I struggled to boost my sales no matter how hard I tried. Moreover, I wasn’t effectively tracking and measuring my efforts.

Then, in April 2023, I discovered CWC and the incredible community of highly successful agents it offers, including the remarkable Wyatt Mace. Enrolling in Wyatt’s class was a turning point for me. Within just a month, my production doubled, and we got our best month in our -short- history, and this upward trajectory has been sustained since then. The transformation was swift, and I credit Wyatt with imparting knowledge that extends beyond what I could learn from corporate sources. He shifted my perspective from being solely an Agency Owner to embracing the role of a true Business Owner. The shift in mindset was profound, profoundly altering who I am as an individual. Most important, I managed to pass on these lessons to my team, leading to positive changes in them as well.

Today, I possess a clear understanding of where to channel my energy, how to regain control of my time, the art of delegation, what metrics to monitor and why, and the art of motivating my team more effectively. Perhaps the most vital lesson Wyatt shared was the significance of generating a substantial quote volume; he equipped me with the skills to achieve this. One of the greatest impacts was the reduction of my anxiety levels, which came from comprehending the essence of running a business. Wyatt taught me that it’s acceptable not to immediately see profits as long as there’s a solid plan in place, encouraging a perspective that extends beyond monthly gains. This was mind-blowing for me.

But, what sets Wyatt apart is the passion he brings to his teaching. It’s not just a job for him, like some coach punching a clock. He’s seriously all about helping you succeed. You can tell he genuinely wants to see you shine. He’s like this endless well of knowledge and time for you. This is not just some regular class he’s teaching; it’s like a mentor passing down life-changing wisdom with a sense of abundance.

For any new agent, enrolling in his class should be a priority. Wyatt, I offer my heartfelt gratitude to you!


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