2 Things Every Insurance Agency Must Get Right

We’ve spent countless hours consulting and coaching insurance agency owners and staff all over the country. Many of them are doing a good job now, some are struggling, but what we have seen is with a few adjustments they are all capable of doing an amazing job.

In almost all of these meetings, there are two things that almost always stand out to me:

1. Our role as insurance agents. 

Most of the time people don’t truly grasp how important our role is. I am a firm believer that you have to believe this in your heart and soul if you are going to be highly successful in this business. It is simply a must. And I am not talking about just life insurance. I’m talking about everything that we do, regardless of your position. You have to truly believe that you are helping people in a significant way. That we are not simply selling insurance or slinging policies. We are protecting families.


2. The importance of consistent activity and development. 

There are only two ways you are going to make more money in this business. 1. You can do more.  2. You can get better. Those are your choices, it is literally as simple as that. There is no other silver bullet, secret sauce, or special lead source. You either do more or you get better. Hopefully you are doing both, but you have to at least work on one of those to make more money. Doing more is fairly easy as it doesn’t really require more skill, it just requires better prioritization and time management decisions all throughout the day. Getting better is a little tougher because it does require the commitment to consistently train combined with the willingness to learn and adjust.

If you are a leader you have to create the right culture. People have to know how important our work is. They have to believe that what they do actually matters. They must truly believe they can be a positive impact, or a negative impact, on someone’s life. In addition to that you have to define and communicate standards and expectations that hold people accountable for their activity with a focus on the process that leads to a desired result. Finally, you have to coach, train, and develop while you hold people accountable. If you are unsure how to do any of this we can help. 

I’ve made mistakes with everything you can possibly imagine and fortunately I have learned from those mistakes. Craig Wiggins Coaching was created to help agency owners and staff avoid the mistakes we made and implement the things we do really well that ultimately lead to our success.

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