You can work directly with CWC Mentor Beau Vincent  

As a leader who values family, service to others and excellence, I pledge to use my strengths in leading others, communication, and coaching others to help leaders achieve their dreams inside and outside of work.

Beau Vincent is happily married to his wife of over 14 years and father to three amazing sons! Beau is a former multi-unit leader who has led upwards of 30 locations, over three states, $40 plus million dollars, 30 general managers, 60 assistant general managers, multiple district sales managers and 400 employees. Beau got sick of fighting for a seat at someone else’s table and decided to build his own table and invite others to sit with him.

Beau has grown from $1 Million to $5 Million is less than 3 years and would like to show other’s the way. 

Beau is known for his positive mindset and agency culture and sales success through assembling a mighty staff with a passion for YES! Beau lives by: 

“I want 5 people working like 10 people, so that I can pay them like 8 people.”

You will attract who you are! What if most of your problems could be solved by you becoming a greater leader? 

Beau will work with agency owners or managers who are looking to grow in leadership development, recruiting candidates, hiring employees, developing leaders and building sustainable positive work cultures. He will help you set goals and processes and when and how to review them with your staff on a consistent basis.

He will focus on sales development with role playing CWC Scripts, mentoring your leaders and maximizing your staff’s potential. Beau has been mostly remote since his open and can help with building or leading a remote staff.

You can listen to Beau speak weekly about leadership with guests or solo on his podcast The Conviction of a Leader (on all podcast platforms). In his free time, he enjoys coaching baseball, leading worship at church, playing any sport with his sons, and spending time with his wife.

Beau trademarked “We Love Insurance, But We Love People More” and this has been an office mantra and filter for all that happens in his agency. If you work with Beau, you will understand why success has come from this quote. 

Bring Beau Vincent on to your team to grow with one of the best consultants in the industry! 

Who Will Benefit From Working With Beau Vincent?

  • New to agency ownership 
  • Existing owners who know they can do so much more
  • New to leadership
  • Agency’s struggling to attract, cultivate, and retain talented staff 
  • Agents wanting to add or transition to remote staffing 
  • Recruiting
  • Leadership
  • Training employees
  • Office culture
  • Crafting a “remote” culture
  • Finding inspiration
  • Self development
  • Increase in work life balance 
  • Developing a deep sense of office culture
  • Self development and leadership skills
  • Finding your coaching style
  • Learning to be PROACTIVE instead of being reactive
  • Employee productivity growth
  • Inspired to inspire others! 

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