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My Name is Charles Caughern but all my friends and family call me Cole.
I grew up around cattle and ranching and working hard every day. My parents were both coaches and educators so they never gave me much slack. They pushed me every single day. This is something that I bring into my day to day is how to push people and how to get the most out of them. I love competition in all forms whether sports or business. 
I am a proud Native American and I am a member of the Choctaw Tribe. The thing I am most proud of is my son Creek.
I came into the insurance game by accident after exiting the oil and gas industry where I was blessed to lead crews of men and women all across the US. Oil and gas is a place where hard work is paid for so I fit right in. 
Upon entering insurance I started as a Protege agent for Farmers. This is a program where you have a sales goal to complete and then you are eligible to own an agency. I had just started to get my feet wet and learn what I was doing in the Insurance game but as soon as I did COVID hit… All stores were shut and people did not want to be talked to face to face anymore. 
My business model and my way of feeding my family died overnight.
The agent I was with had grown his agency 100% organically. But organic was no longer a thing. So I found his old files and a system that would contact past clients and I picked up the phone and started calling people. This led to me being able to learn to talk and more importantly to CLOSE people who I had never seen in my life. 
Fast Forward 2 years. 
I purchased a agency of $2.6 Million. In less that 18 Months we have done over a million in NB Premium. I now own one of the top 10% of agencies in the nation. I have a super strong sales team that I have built with my bare hands day in and day out. 
We consistently are a top producer and we are top 20 in my state. FYI – We have some of the largest producing agents in the nation in Oklahoma.
I am confident in my ability to teach people how to onboard staff successfully and efficiently.
I can teach people how to “know their numbers” because I never knew mine but I now know this is paramount to having a successful agency. How to put in place systems and processes to delegate tasks so that you can take on more tasks that are of higher value.
I am able to lead mass team role plays where I can dissect where teams can improve and build. I am confident I can teach people to close.
I can teach mindset and decision making. 
Most importantly I can motivate and push someone to go further than they thought they could go.  
Lastly, I am huge on goals. Let’s figure out where you are and where you want to go and let’s make it happen. 
I want you to WIN. 

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Tara Erwin is a Client Consultant at CWC and was previously successful top producer at Craig’s agency. As a Client Consultant she handles many different tasks including billing and onboarding new members. But her true passion is coaching agency owners and team members to be successful using the CWC programs.