Finishing The Year STRONG

Hello all,


As we approach the end of another impactful year, I wanted to take a moment to share some reflections that I believe will not only help you navigate the current state of the industry but also propel you towards finishing the year on a high note.


The insurance industry has seen its fair share of challenges and opportunities throughout 2023. We’ve seen rapid technological advancements, shifts in customer expectations, and an ever-evolving regulatory environment continue to present both obstacles and avenues for growth. This year has been a testament that adaptability continues to be the cornerstone of success in our field. Those who have embraced change and proactively adjusted their strategies are now better positioned to thrive.


Here’s a few best practices I’ve encouraged when speaking with agents:


Know Your Numbers: Improve your client relationships by leveraging technology. Study and use your data to better understand client needs, and tailor your service team accordingly.

Continued Education: Invest time in your own education to stay ahead of industry trends. By attending workshops, joining webinars, and learning from training platforms like CWC, you continue to sharpen your skills and broaden your knowledge base to the benefit of both your team and your agency.

Diversification: Consider diversifying the ways you source opportunities. Explore emerging markets and identify unique areas where you can apply your trusted reputation to dynamic ends. Social media, physical advertising, and cross-selling existing clients are just a few of the viable options available to us all.

Digital Presence: Engage with those around you, share valuable content and insights, and position yourself as a trusted advisor to encourage proactive outreach and inbound opportunities.


As we approach the end of another year, it’s important to reflect on the progress we’ve made and the challenges we’ve overcome. Remember that every setback is an opportunity for a comeback, and every closed door opens a new path forward. The strength of your finish is determined by the courage with which you face adversity.


Think of the coming months not as a winding down, but as a crescendo. An opportunity to showcase your dedication, expertise, and unwavering commitment to your clients. The relationships you build and the service you provide are the cornerstones of your success. Embrace each day with enthusiasm, and let the lessons of the past drive you to future successes.


In the wise words of Winston Churchill, “Success is not final, and failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.” As you navigate the beauty of this industry we all call home, I encourage you to embody this spirit of perseverance.


Wishing you continued success and a happy holiday season.





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