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Abraham “Kevin” Spann is a former Sales Leader who has purchased four Allstate agencies since 2007.  Kevin had twenty years of Underwriting, Operations, Management and Sales Leadership, prior  to achieving his dream of owning and operating his own agencies. He’s happily married to his wife Denise for more than thirty-six years and has three awesome sons and two amazing grandchildren. 

Kevin has won all the awards that the company offers from Honor Ring to Chairman’s Inner Circle. But the one he values the most is the 2017 Ray Lynch Award for being the top Community Service Agent in the country. 

Always positive, Kevin thinks that maintaining the proper mindset, adapting to change, and building a strong team is the key to success in this business. 

He’s done an incredible job of bringing himself and his agency in the digital media space where all agencies must be today as well. Beyond posting on social media, Kevin started his own podcast “Wine Down With Kev” in 2020. 

He enhanced his Insurance industry “thought leader” status by writing his first book, “The Property Insurance B.I.B.L.E.” (Better Insurance Before Losing Everything). Get your copy on Amazon here

Kevin’s strengths are Team Building, Leadership, Marketing, Creativity, DASH Reports mastery, and helping agents navigate and take advantage of the digital universe. He’s helped countless Agency Owners in New York and looks forward to expanding his reach and helping more agents across the country! 

His Mentoring program includes two video training sessions with just you (and your staff if you choose) every month where he will mentor you in all of his strengths and help you develop them as your own to transform your agency and maximize your opportunity. 

He will customize the development plan for you and your agency to maximize the return on investment many times over. 

Kevin’s Mentoring Program is very exclusive and limited to only a handful of Agency Owners who are truly serious about taking their agency to the next level. 

Bring him onto your team and win and grow with one of the best mentors in the industry! 

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