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CWC's Mark Mercer is one of the
top trainers and mentors in the insurance industry.

Mark Mercer is a third-generation agency owner who began his career with Allstate in 2009. He originally purchased his dad’s agency and went on to open two more locations which he built from scratch.

Today he has one of the largest Allstate agencies in the state of Indiana and has 20 staff members. In 2020 his agency ranked #20 out of the entire company with a near perfect score of 3.95 / 4.0. 

Mark is known for his successful team environment and winning culture. He is bringing his knowledge and experience directly to your agency and staff to help your team produce more new business so you can crush your agency’s monthly and annual goals and bonuses. 

His Team Training program includes two video training sessions with just you and your staff every month where he will coach and and role play the CWC Scripts, CWC Sales Process Scorecard, Assumptive Close, Overcoming Objections, Generating Sales from Service, and more! 

You get the chance to have Mark be the personal trainer for yourself and your team. He will customize the development plan and program for your staff to maximize the return on investment many times over. 

And, if you need more individual support on staffing and recruiting, goal setting and bonus forecasting, agency operations, and other topics that only you need to work on with Mark, instead of a team training session you can have an individual mentoring call. Many of his agencies will rotate between staff training meetings and individual meetings throughout the program. You’re going to get the exact support that you and your staff need to transform your agency. 

Mark’s program is very exclusive and limited to only a handful of agencies truly serious about taking their training and development plan to the next level. 

Bring Mark onto your team and win and grow with one of the best trainers in the industry.

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