Agency Owner Opportunity

As most of you know, there is A LOT going on in our industry.  Through our consulting, coaching, and brokerage clients, I work with just about every carrier in some capacity and I wanted to weigh in with a little advice and maybe give you some perspective that will help you as you move forward with your business.

First, let me say that I am fully aware that there are plenty of issues and challenges with every company and some states are being hit harder than others, I totally get it. But I can assure you that even with those challenges, owning an insurance agency is one of the best business opportunities out there. 

The key to having a successful insurance agency in my opinion is all about building a high performing team of people who are constantly being developed to reach their full potential. You don’t really build an agency. You build a team of people, and they build the agency. You need to be a good leader and help your people accomplish what is important to them. If you can do that, they will likely help you accomplish everything that you want. Put your people first and take a genuine interest in them. Make good hires, set proper expectations and standards, train them, develop them, and hold them accountable so THEY will be successful. And when someone compromises your culture, you must deal with it. Keep in mind that everything that happens in your agency is a direct result of you training them to do what they are doing, or you are tolerating what they are doing. You have to own that fact and hold yourself accountable to do the right thing. 

Is it a challenge owning and operating an insurance agency? Absolutely, no question about it. The labor market is tough, and things are constantly changing. Marketing is getting harder and harder, and consumers are more demanding than ever and difficult to reach. However, if you can figure out how to build a team, develop that team and generate leads, you can build a highly profitable business for you and your family and help a ton of people in the process. The agency ownership opportunity is not going away anytime soon, just make sure you are taking full advantage of it. 

If you are not involved with Craig Wiggins Coaching, contact us. We have a ton of resources and an amazing team of coaches. We get incredible feedback every single day and would love to work with you. As always, if I can ever help you with anything, reach out to me personally anytime. I’ll do everything I can to help whether you are a CWC member or not.

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