The Power Of Positive Thinking

A while back I had an agent comment about how “positive” I was and how I always try to create a positive environment. He went on to say that he assumed that I did that so my agency team members would not be subjected to negativity. But that is not it at all and I explained why.

We talked about how we literally create a life with our thoughts. He told me about some books that he read and some people that he followed. I had never spoken to this person before but we were totally on the same page and I am grateful for our conversation. He was 100% correct.

I am a firm believer that you can physically change your level of happiness, stress, etc. by simply changing how you think. These thoughts literally create the life that you live. The way that you feel all day long is a result of the chemical reactions that occur when you have various thoughts. Stress occurs when your nervous system activates a response that causes physiological changes. Prolonged stress can be a serious problem for you emotionally and physically. (I don’t have a college degree but I have spent some time studying the human mind.)

Now, I fully understand that there are plenty of challenges in front of us. PLENTY of challenges. Many of these challenges are completely out of our control or even unknown. I totally get it and I am not dismissing them at all. On the contrary, I am suggesting that there is a better way to deal with them.

How you THINK can most certainly impact how you deal with these challenges. And not just with your conscious decisions, but with your subconscious decisions. Your ability to deal with your situation and improve your life can literally come down to how you think and for most people, there are patterns to your thought process.

For example, do you look for the good in every situation or do you always look for the bad? Are you able to look through the clutter and find the opportunity or do you dwell on the worst case scenario? Do you love to vent, complain, and find excuses or would you rather talk about possible solutions? Do you like to be around people who have negative thoughts or people who are optimistic? Who you hang around will certainly have an impact on how you think.  

Chances are you do pretty much the same thing every single day. When you wake up you turn off the alarm clock with the same finger, you get out of the same side of the bed, you take a shower the same way, you drink coffee out of your favorite mug, you leave for the office at the same time, you take the same route to the office, you see the same people every day. All of these interactions create the same emotional responses and how you feel which creates habits, your mood, your temperament and your overall personality. As a result, you are either happy, stressed or some combination of both.

Some of you are stressed out significantly and if you do not make changes now, some of you are going to eventually pay a price for that. Your family is going to pay a price for it. The people that care about you are going to pay a price for it. It needs to be addressed. 

So, how do you fix the problem? Of course there are plenty of things that we can all work together to solve when it comes to your business. But I believe you start solving problems by simply changing the way that you think. The way that you think WILL impact how you make decisions and ultimately your level of happiness. 

There is always good in any situation. You simply have to train your mind to look at it that way. Allowing individuals, companies or specific situations to impact your thoughts in a negative way where your body stresses out is your choice. And it is a choice that can have serious consequences. 

I want people to be happy. I want people to live a quality life and have all the things that they want out of life. Every day I strive to help people achieve their best. But your level of happiness starts with you. You have to control the way you think. I realize we are all creatures of habit and making this change can be very difficult.

So much of what we do has been programmed into our minds through our thoughts, emotions and reactions to different situations at a very young age. By the time you are an adult, you are who you are. I get that. But you can change your thoughts if you make the conscious effort to do so. I promise that when you do, your ability to react to difficult situations will change. How you make decisions will change. As a result, your business will change. Your relationships will change. Your overall happiness will change. And yes, your life will change.

It all starts with the way that you think. THAT is why I keep it positive.

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