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If you’re looking for a tell you like it is and give you the truth mentor, Todd McLain is your man.  Todd started his agency scratch in 2009 during the height of the great financial crisis.  He quickly developed the critical skills in maximizing efficiencies and generating more revenue to scale to become a mega agency. He knows what it’s like to be broke as a joke and on a budget.  He wants to help you go from becoming a sales person who started an agency to a true business owner.  
Some examples of how Todd problem solved for his own agency: he built a large telemarketing center that generated over 1,000 quotes a month for his Agency,  built a technology company Agency MVP which is the first smart lead management system for Agents that was venture backed, and he built one of the largest home insurance direct mail companies SmarketingMail.  
Todd will help you find solutions, not excuses.  
His goal as a mentor is to help you understand how to grow fast, but lean and mean driving as much profit the the bottom line as possible. 
Another reason to bring Todd on as your mentor is his experience with all types of Agents and carriers.  Todd built a nationally ranked top 10 Farmers Insurance Agency but has spent the last decade working with captive and independent agents from all across the country.  He understands your “lingo” and challenges within your world.  He also created corporate partnerships and relationships with large carriers which give him a deeper understanding of where the industry is heading and challenges we may face head on together.
When Todd is not busy trying to start another business, he loves traveling with his amazing wife Page and his two adorable kids Brody and Mazy.  Todd sold his Agency in 2022 for a massive profit and is now solely focused on building technology solutions to solve Agent’s day to day problems.  It’s the drive in solving new challenges that gets him excited every day.  He would love to help you solve yours.  You just have to put in the work! 
Todd’s approach as a mentor is simple.  Every Agent is in a different place in their Agency with different problems from staffing to marketing.  Our first objective would be to take an assessment, then create a plan by pinpointing pain points and start building out solutions.  This could be anything from helping you with better technology solutions to building your own in house marketing systems to better training for your team.  
If you have the will, Todd has the way!

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Tara Erwin is a Client Consultant at CWC and was previously successful top producer at Craig’s agency. As a Client Consultant she handles many different tasks including billing and onboarding new members. But her true passion is coaching agency owners and team members to be successful using the CWC programs.