Your Staff Can Write More Business

Your staff and your agency can perform at a higher level and dramatically increase sales.

Is there a magic formula to make it happen?


First, we need to get our staff to think bigger about everything. This includes their call volume, talk time, quote volume, and their actual production results. They need to understand that they have so much more potential.

We have a question that we ask CWC members all of the time and they know the answer…

“What is possible?”


More phone calls, quotes, sales, referrals from clients, referrals from partners, personally generated sales from friends, family, and their network.

We must start thinking bigger. If your staff thinks that 30 policies in a month is their maximum potential then that will be their peak. If they see other producers writing 50, 60, and even 100+ policies every month like the thousands of producers we have trained all over the country then maybe they will start to think bigger and perform at a much higher level.

If you think you can’t then you won’t. If you think you can AND you do the work necessary to make it happen it will. It is that simple.

We must start with a high performance mindset and goals and then do the work to get the results. Focus more on the process than the results. The right activity will bring sales, we assure you.

Doing more and thinking bigger is the first step. The next step, and possibly the most important, is…..

→ We must stop selling on price. ←

Yes, price is a very important factor for most and for many it is the only factor. But you and your producers will write many more policies when you are selling coverage and value, not just price.

The CWC Sales Process along with the CWC Scripts will reveal the roadmap that we have used for years to have numerous producers at a time writing 70-150+ policies every month within our agency and with numerous agencies in our program.

The environment is so competitive and all of the advertising is centered around price and saving money. We must flip the script when talking with prospects and customers and make it about what actually matters – coverage.

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