Are You Spending Your Time On The RIGHT Things

Are You Spending Your Time On The RIGHT Things? There are only so many hours in the day. Is your agency spending the right amount of time on the right things for your agency to be successful and deliver a great customer experience? When it comes to reaching your sales goals, you must know what […]

What You Can Learn From These Young Entrepreneurs

What You Can Learn From These Young Entrepreneurs The most obvious lesson from these budding entrepreneurs is to check your spelling and grammar. You should always double check your work by using any tools available to you, like spell check, or by having a team member look over your work. Communicating clearly and professionally is […]

Master The Art Of The One Call Close

MASTER THE ART OF THE “ONE CALL CLOSE” Mega Agency Owner and CWC Coach Mark Mercer has mastered the art of the One Call Close. Watch this training session that was previously only available to CWC Members but we want you to experience this powerful session. Watch, learn, take pages of notes, and get ready […]

Do You Work To Live Or Live To Work

DO YOU LIVE TO WORK OR WORK TO LIVE? Kirstie Alley recently passed away. She was 71 and died after a short battle with Cancer. I grew up watching her on TV and in movies. People die every single day, so why am I writing about this? Because I bought an agency from a great […]

Fight For The Right Things

FIGHT FOR THE RIGHT THINGS When I dropped my buck off at the taxidermist, he showed me these two nice bucks that a hunter found dead locked together in a creek. They had been fighting and could not get separated from each other. They will make an awesome mount, but I sure hate to see […]

Hire With Confidence

HIRE WITH CONFIDENCE One thing that has come up several times over the last few weeks when dealing with CWC clients is the lack of confidence many owners have when hiring staff. I’ve heard people say that they “do not have the cash flow” or they “don’t feel comfortable investing in staff” right now. The […]

10 Ways To Start Living A Better Life

10 WAYS TO START LIVING A BETTER LIFE People often talk about how they want their life to be better. However, many people never make changes to make their life better. Why? I believe it’s because they think the changes have to be major or require a plan, so they just keep living the same […]

Help Your Team Get Better!

Help Your Team Get Better! Does your agency have a culture of constant improvement? Do you make development and training a priority and part of who you are? If not, you are missing out. Now, I know what you might be thinking – “You own a training company, of course you are going to say […]

Recruiting Help Is Here!

Recruiting Help Is Here! In today’s labor market it is more difficult than ever to find new team members. Agency owners know they need help, but they either do not know where to start or their normal processes aren’t working like they used to. We are happy to share our most successful recruiting sources. Referrals […]

The 25% Rule

The 25% Rule I think most Agency Owners understand that lead generation at the agency level is changing. Consumers are much harder to reach, leads are becoming more expensive, laws are constantly changing regarding telemarketing and some carriers are even competing with their agencies for leads.  So what do you do to insulate yourself from […]