Don’t Settle For Mediocre

Our mission at Craig Wiggins Coaching is to help agency owners and team members reach their full potential. We know most people are capable of more but they just need help getting there. That help can come in the form of training, coaching, processes, leads, or even inspiration and that is where we come in. CWC helps take agencies to the next level.

Our leadership recently had a discussion around sales expectations and monetarily justifying a low producing team member. Does a 10 item a month producer pay for themselves? For many agencies, the math will work out. There may be a few people where that type of production is all they are capable of or maybe that type of production aligns with their goals of barely getting by. 

Personally, I would rarely recommend keeping a producer long term that only generates 10 items a month even if the math works out. 


Several reasons… 

1. I think one item every other day sets a terrible example to the rest of the team as to what is acceptable. Low production promotes mediocrity to other team members as they see that this type of production is being allowed.  

2. It can impact the overall mentality of the owner. “How one does the little things is how they do everything“. 

3. A mediocre producer is taking up a spot that could be filled by someone else who is willing to learn, grow, and consistently push themselves to new personal records.

Every producer does not need to be a Century Club producer, but overall, the standards of most agencies need to be raised to survive in the future.  

I encourage you to have higher standards not only for yourself but for other members of your team as well. We want your entire agency to realize your true potential and not settle just because you’re getting by. 

Do I think everyone will buy into this mentality? No. But there are a lot of people who could do much better with a push and we could be the ones to give them that push. Chances are, they don’t have anyone else to do it.  


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